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Plan Your Absences With Our Excel Vacation Tracker

With our Excel Vacation Tracker Template, you can easily have an overview if someone is sick, on vacation or doing home-office. It’s smart, simple and clear – just like our application. But if you’re not quite ready for absence.io’s software, this template is a great start for you.

A clear overview

The template allows you to get a quick and clear overview of all the absences. It also shows you the sum and remaining sickness, vacation or home-office days. Since the template already have smart formulas pre-entered, you won’t have to bother with time-consuming or complicated calculations. You can spend more time on the thing that really matters – your business!

Perfect for your future

Not only is our Excel Vacation Tracker Template easier to use than other Excel Templates, it’s your first step to an efficient, simpler and more innovative way to manage employee absences. We at absence.io have a special offer for those who download our template – we will transfer all Excel data to absence.io for free!

How do I use it?

  • The template is for 2019 so it will give you an organized start of the new year!
  • It has been customized so it will fit your individual needs.
  • We have set up 3 different leave types – Holiday, sickness and home-office.
  • Enter “H” for holidays, “S” for sickness, and “HO” for home-office
  • The template will then calculate the sum of absences, remaining days and gives you a clear and structured overview of all absences.

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employee vacation tracker

The Employee Vacation Tracker Makes It Easy

There are several tangible and non-tangible benefits with an Employee Vacation Tracker, but what we at absence.io take pride in is mostly that it’s easy to use and make your work much convenient. Inviting your colleagues is quick and entering any kind of absences in the calendar and it’s done! Doesn’t get easier than that!

Away with complicated processes

An uncomplicated process was one of our main goals when we created the absence management software. In fact, it’s so easy to use that any company whether small, privately owned, or even single departments within multinational corporations, can use it.

With a streamlined tracking and reporting system, there’s no need for large, outdated or annoying absence management spreadsheets. Say goodbye to boring and complicated administrative processes, the employee vacation tracker will do that for you.

No need to be a tech-genius

Whether your employees are software developers, marketing managers, or a janitor, they will all be able to use the absence management software due to its simplicity. They simply click on the dates they want to create an absence for and the assigned manager will receive a notification. The manager either accepts or rejects the request, and ta-da the process is done.

Communication without effort

Due to the convenient email notifications mentioned earlier, communication will not only become easier but also more efficient. The automated absence request process removes unnecessary steps that usually made communication difficult.

And it’s not just between the employees and managers, also between employees themselves. Since they can easily see their teammates leave time in the PTO tracker, they can focus their attention on more important tasks.

Do you want to see the Employee Vacation Tracker? Try it for free for your company!

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The Digital Personnel File Will Make Your Work Easier!

Are you tired of the endless employee documents you need to keep track of? It could be anything from salary information, travel expenses, doctor’s notes or absences. With our new digital personnel file, all that mess is in the past! Simple uploading and management of all important information in one place.

Where did the document go?

With the digital personnel file you can easily upload and attach all relevant employee documents to their profile. That way it’s easy to keep track and manage vacation days, salary changes or social security. No more stress and hassle trying to organize or find specific information. How convenient!

I need a report on that!

If you ever need specific information e.g. for payroll management, you can easily export the data of multiple employees in a convenient Excel sheet with just a few clicks. It’ll look more professional and save time for the things that really matters.

Never miss a birthday

On our simple dashboard, you have a clear overview of all upcoming birthdays. That way, you’ll know when it’s time for an employee to blow out those candles.

So much to do, and so little time

If you need any information from an employee, you can simply send them the personnel questionnaire and they can add it themselves. You can then decide which information should go in the digital personnel file. Talk about a time saver!

They say change is good

We often hear how we should look ahead, but sometimes it can be good to have the option to track the past. In the digital personnel file you can see all changes that have been made to the information. And on top of that, you can create reports of all those changes!

Do you want to see the digital personnel file for yourself? Simply book a call with one of our experts and get a demo of our product and top features.

You can also try out absence.io for free!

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It's Time for a More Simple HR Process

Have you ever wondered how much time it takes to handle a single employee’s absences? Well, it’s probably too much. It’s often said that the people are an organization’s most important asset, so their personal information should be handled with ease and security. Find out why an absence software could help your company to become more efficient!

Your time is valuable – don’t waste it!

Have you ever experienced an absence management process where the employee must first find an Excel sheet, check how many days are left, enter dates, deduct working days, and then print, sign and send it to a manager? And that’s not all! The document still needs to be checked, adjusted, approved, signed, etc. by the manager and HR. With an intuitive software, managers simply reject or accept an absence, and both the employee and the manager will be notified. That’s how easy it should be!

Losing documents is a thing of the past

For each individual employee there are numerous important documents that needs to be stored together, usually in a file in a secure drawer in the HR office. It can be annoying to make sure they are all there, and if they are lost, a small hell can break lose. Storing everything digitally in one place, on the other hand, will never come with these complications.

Transparency to the people!

Have you ever been dependent on an employee for an important assignment or project? You count on them to be there and then, suddenly, they’re on a 3-week vacation! That shouldn’t happen. So, if employees can see when their colleagues are absent, they can plan their work more easily and projects won’t fall apart or be delayed.

Could you give me a report on that?

Imaging having to generate a report for, let’s say, payroll management with some specific information. Wouldn’t it be easier to do with a software that can export the data in an excel sheet rather than do it manually? Yes. Again – a massive timesaver and no need to pull out your hair.

In conclusion, getting rid of tedious Excel sheets and documents, and having everything in one place, will save you time and make everyone’s work-life easier.

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How to Easily Manage Staff Absences over the Holidays

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… home. Christmas is one of the busiest times for absence leave requests, and it can be a puzzle for HR and responsible managers to get an apprehensive overview of the schedule. After all, they don’t want the business to come to a potential hault. To avoid a lot of stress and hair-pulling, there are a few ways to easily manage and plan the festive absence requests.

Communication is key

A simple notification from the responsible managers can contribute massively to successful staff management during the holidays. Remind your staff to request their absence in time and it will make it easier to see who is available for work. It makes things easier for the employees as well, since they’ll know enough in advance if they can hit those slopes or not.

It’s not just about the presents

During winter time it’s not just the holidays that causes a spike in employee absence requests. The constant sneezing and coughing in the workplace is destined to spread that lovely flu amongst the employees. Therefore, it can be extra helpful to have a tool that can help you manage all absences.

Don’t waste too much time

Employee absence requests can mean an endless amount of paperwork or tedious excel sheets. The requested days need to be subtracted from remaining vacation days, double-checked, and sent to HR. Investing in an absence management software could help you save valuable time. The employee simply submits the request via the software, and the responsible manager gets a notification and approves or rejects it. Done!

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Staff Absences Made Easier with a PTO Tracker

No matter if you have a big or small team, it can be difficult for managers and employees to keep track of their colleagues’ paid time off. With our simple online service, you can easily keep track of absences, without installing any software. It will give your team a better overview and better planning possibilities in case someone decides to go fishin’.

HR will love the fully automated system

Since absence.io is fully automated there’s no need for those boring repetitive tasks when it comes to reporting and updating leave absences. When an employee requests a leave absence the PTO tracker automatically updates the calendar and HR only need to track the leave time rather than entering all information manually. No need for written or computer-made leave request forms that makes you want to pull your hair out.

Ditch the spreadsheets, time for a simplified data entry

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if the employees were the only ones who needed to enter their leave request? We’ll answer that with a YES. With a simple data entry method, the team members enter their leave request in the dynamic calendar feature and an email is sent to the assigned approver. All in real-time! Managers can more easily make future staffing decisions more easily since the leave requests are up-to-date for the entire team.

Eliminate confusion and improve communication

It’s obviously that this substantially simplifies and improves the communication team managers and team members. But have you thought about the communication among the team members themselves? If they can see their colleagues’ absences e.g. home office, sickness or vacation it will be easier for them to plan their absences and more importantly, their work.

So, no need to waste that precious time you need to dedicate to other tasks. With our Paid-Time-Off Tracker, your absence request process will be much more efficient and simple.

Want to have a look at our PTO Tracker? Book a call with one of our experts – they’ll be happy to demonstrate this and other top features of absence.io.

Or do you want to try absence.io for free? Sign up in 2 easy steps.

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A More Efficient Staff Annual Leave Planner

The absence process can consist of many unnecessary steps that can be eliminated to make it more efficient. It also involves a lot of stakeholders that must spend time on tasks that can become automated. But not to worry, the Annual Leave Planner for staff simply remove those bottlenecks, so you can use your time more efficiently!

A boost for HR!

The long and tedious process when an employee must enter a vacation request in an excel sheet, calculate days, give to manager for check, transfer to HR and so on, should be a lot easier. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the employee just entered their request and the calculations are done automatically, then the manager just need to accept or reject with one click? That’s what we at absence.io thought. HR now just need to track the leave time, rather than entering it all manually. Not only is it a time-saver but getting rid of paper based or boring excel sheets will give your HR department an extra boost.

Reporting shouldn’t be boring

The word reporting usually sets off the boring-as-hell alarm, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Imagine with just a simple click you can download any information into an excel sheet. Once again, eliminating boring and repetitive tasks is what we do! The manager will also be able to make more accurate and planned decisions when they have a clear overview of all absences of the team.

And since they will be notified when an employee applies for PTO or any kind of absence, he or she will never lose track! Being up to date and not having to spend time on absence leave, everyone can manage and use their time more efficiently.

What? She’s on vacation?

Have you ever come to work and suddenly, your project partner is on a 3-week vacation in Thailand? That won’t happen when you have a PTO tracker that transforms the way team members communicate regarding absences. Since all members can see the team calendar, they can plan their absence more efficiently and keep track of their teammates. This is how simple it should be!