Plan Your Absences With Our Excel Vacation Tracker

excel vacation tracker

With our Excel Vacation Tracker Template, you can easily have an overview if someone is sick, on vacation or doing home-office. It’s smart, simple and clear – just like our application. But if you’re not quite ready for’s software, this template is a great start for you.

A clear overview

The template allows you to get a quick and clear overview of all the absences. It also shows you the sum and remaining sickness, vacation or home-office days. Since the template already have smart formulas pre-entered, you won’t have to bother with time-consuming or complicated calculations. You can spend more time on the thing that really matters – your business!

Perfect for your future

Not only is our Excel Vacation Tracker Template easier to use than other Excel Templates, it’s your first step to an efficient, simpler and more innovative way to manage employee absences. We at have a special offer for those who download our template – we will transfer all Excel data to for free!

How do I use it?

  • The template is for 2020 so it will give you an organized start of the new year!
  • It has been customized so it will fit your individual needs.
  • We have set up 3 different leave types – Holiday, sickness and home-office.
  • Enter “H” for holidays, “S” for sickness, and “HO” for home-office
  • The template will then calculate the sum of absences, remaining days and gives you a clear and structured overview of all absences.

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