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Excel Vacation Planner

This handy Excel template makes vacation planning easy in your company.


You just came back from the beach? Start planning your Skiing trip right away: from the playa to planning! While some of your colleagues have just returned to the office, you’re already planning your 2023 vacation. Your HR team has to reconcile all your wishes, even if not everyone can go to Rio at the same time…

Make your life easier with this free Excel vacation planner 2023. Simply download, fill it out and always keep track of the absences in your company.


Instructions: How to use the vacation planner Excel template

Step 1: At the bottom of the vacation planner you will find a tab for each month. Via the tab you will get to the overview, where you can enter the absences of your employees for each day.

Step 2: Just put a “V” for vacation, a “S” for sickness or a “HO” for home office in the corresponding row. On the right side of the table you will see the sum of the individual absence days:


Step 3: Everything entered? Then you will automatically see different values:

·       The sum of the monthly absences for each employee on the right side of the monthly overviews.

·       The residual vacation days of each employee (default: 28 days).

·       An annual overview for each employee in the Summary section (last tab).

·       An employee overview of all absences in your company by category (V/S/HO)

Good luck with your 2023 vacation planning!




BONUS: This checklist could save your 2023 vacation planning!

The free Excel vacation planner makes it easier for you to keep track, but before you enter your vacation days, sick days or home office times, you should definitely check whether you have taken the most important aspects into account when planning your vacation. If you meet the following points, you will be well prepared and can face the “fight” for bridge days and other popular vacation times calmly.

  • Start asap: The sooner you start planning your vacation, the easier it is to combine different employee wishes with company goals and find good compromises.
  • Communicate clear rules: Clear rules give everyone involved the orientation they need. Make sure your managers communicate them consistently so everyone is on the same page.
  • Seek dialogue: Vacation planning requires many compromises. These can be found more easily if the teams coordinate as closely as possible and pay attention to fairness.
  • Explain preference: Make sure everyone involved knows exactly why someone is being given priority (e.g., employees with school-age children, long-term employees, less vacation time in the previous year, etc.)
  • Keeping a company perspective in mind: When is your company particularly busy during the year and when is it less busy? Do you have special projects coming up? These questions are crucial for your vacation planning.
  • Observe residuals and overtime: Always keep track of your employees’ remaining vacation days or bloated overtime accounts to avoid nasty surprises and bottlenecks.
  • Regulating handover and substitution: Are vacation substitures and handover of tasks uniformly regulated and are all parties really in the picture?

Conclusion: Vacation planning doesn’t have to be rocket science!

Excel or not: As with every year, vacation planning in 2023 will again be a challenge. However, if you follow a few guidelines with your team, you can usually find a good compromise between the different wishes of your employees as well as the needs of your company. Our free Excel vacation planner template will help you do just that.

But be careful: Depending on staff size and number of employees, Excel vacation planners quickly reach their limits. With’s vacation planner your employees can request vacation and absences with a few clicks from anywhere. You can define and inform substitutes directly and keep track of remaining vacation days, sick days and so on.

Discover all advantages of here!

PS: Even if you have to wait a little longer: Have a great vacation! ????

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