New Feature: Automated Documentation Requirement for Sick Days

The image shows the settings for the "Sickness" absence type, where the documentation requirement is activated.

Last week, we released another new feature for our absence management system. You can now automatically request documentation (e.g., a medical certificate) from your employees after a certain number of consecutive sick days.

This can be set up globally for all employees in just 30 seconds.

Activating Documentation Requirement

To activate the documentation requirement, simply go to “Settings” in your admin account (top right). Then click on “Leave Types” in the left sidebar and select the type you want to edit. In our account, this would be “Krankheit / Sickness” (though you might have named it differently).

Next, you can activate the “Requires documentation (e.g. doctors note)” by toggling it on. Here, you can configure several options:

  • After how many consecutive sick days should the documentation requirement be activated?
  • Should scheduled employee workdays or calendar days (the latter only makes sense in a few exceptional cases) be counted?
  • When should the documentation requirement take effect?

All changes you make are automatically saved. There’s no need to click a separate save button.

Notifications for Users and Admins

When the specified number of consecutive sick days is reached, both the user and the admin receive a notification. This reduces the risk of forgetting to submit the required documentation to nearly zero.

In case you didn’t know: certificates and medical notes can be uploaded directly to the relevant absence record, keeping everything organized.

Different Illnesses

In the first few days, we received valuable user feedback: What happens with different, consecutive illnesses?

Joseph’s employment contract states that he must submit a medical certificate starting from the second day of illness. Suppose he has a severe headache on Monday and gets food poisoning on Tuesday.

In this case, Joseph would log two consecutive sick days but with two different illnesses.

To prevent Joseph from receiving a notification on Tuesday that he needs to submit a certificate, we built an additional function. You can activate or deactivate the “Disable creating absences of this leave type next to each other” toggle to specify whether the same absence type – in this case, “Sickness” – can be recorded on consecutive days without them being considered a single absence.

A heartfelt thank you to our users who continuously provide us with helpful feedback, helping us improve our software every day. ❤️

If you have any questions about the new feature, we are always available to help.

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