New Feature: Quotas for Leave Types

The image shows the application of our new feature to assign quotas to specific leave types. Here, the number of bookable vacations at a given time is limited to 8.

Last week, we released a “small” but exciting feature. You can now assign quotas or capacities to specific leave types. This allows you to set how often a certain type can be booked.

What’s the purpose of this?
Let me explain with a few use cases.

Limited Resources Can Be Booked but Not Overbooked

Company Cars & Co

If you have company cars that your employees can use, you can create a leave type “Company Car” in, which allows an employee to book a car. Suppose you have five cars, you give the leave type “Company Car” a quota of five.

Once all cars are reserved on a particular day, this leave type cannot be used any further.

This function can also be used for specific tools, rooms, software licenses, etc.

Office Workstations

Another use case is limited office workstations. In times of remote work and home office, many companies reduce their office capacities or even completely do without their own spaces, using, for example, coworking spaces like “WeWork.”

In this case, our new feature is extremely helpful. You create, for example, a leave type “Office Munich.” If you have 10 workstations there, you give it a quota of 10.

Now, the principle of “first come, first served” applies. If “Office Munich” is already booked 10 times on a particular day, all workstations are booked, and this leave type cannot be booked further.

This prevents the extremely annoying situation where people are left standing in the office without a place to work. This pleases both employers and employees.

Nobody Around?

Limit Parallel Vacation Bookings

“Not everyone can take vacation at the same time.” A classic issue in vacation planning. With our new quota function, you can optimize this situation a bit.

Suppose you have a business where someone must always be present to ensure business operations, for example, in logistics.

You have, for instance, 10 logistics staff members, and two must always be present. You give the leave type “Vacation” or “Vacation Logistics” a quota of eight. Again, the principle of “the early bird catches the worm” applies.

If this leave type has already been booked eight times within a certain period, it cannot be booked any further. The employee will receive a notification and can directly choose an alternative period.
Through the team calendar in, they can see exactly when someone is on vacation, making the search a bit easier.

A Handy Little Helper

This small but fine function prevents unnecessary overbooking and unpleasant discussions. If you use the function wisely, you can save a lot of time, nerves, and money.

You can find the function directly in the settings of your leave types. If you have any questions, we are always available.

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