Travel Expense Reimbursement Template: in PDF and DOCX

A pdf and word template for travel expenses

A travel expense reimbursement template is a good first step to improve the travel expense reimbursement process in your company. Our template is relatively simple and includes the fields commonly required. In addition to the PDF template, we also provide the Word file for free. This allows you to customize the template according to your own needs.

Is there an easier way?

Using a template for travel expense reimbursement is a proven system. But there’s always room for simplification.

The process can be simplified, especially with a template. The travel expense reimbursement process with a template typically goes like this:

  • Herbert looks for the template on his computer or the company server.
  • Herbert can’t find the template.
  • He asks his colleague Vera to send him the template.
  • Vera sends him the template.
  • Herbert wants to print the template.
  • The connection to the printer fails.
  • He asks Vera if she can print the template for him.
  • Vera prints the template for Herbert.
  • Herbert fills out the template accordingly and brings it to his supervisor, Yvonne.
  • Yvonne asks Herbert for the receipts.
  • Herbert looks for the receipts.
  • Herbert finds the receipts and brings them to Yvonne.
  • Yvonne reviews the travel expense reimbursement and the receipts.
  • Yvonne submits everything to the accounting department.

Sounds stressful. Yet, with such a process, everyone may still come out relatively unscathed. Often, it goes worse.

It runs much more efficiently with … drumroll … software!

Travel Expense Reimbursement: Software instead of a template

With a software solution, especially with an app, the travel expense reimbursement process becomes much simpler.

  • Herbert has the app for travel expense reimbursement on his smartphone.
  • He can upload digital receipts directly, upload printed receipts like entertainment receipts via photos, and expenses with his corporate credit card are automatically recorded.
  • He can enter all other information directly in the app without searching, printing, or back and forth.
  • Herbert can submit the travel expense reimbursement digitally on the way home.
  • Yvonne receives a corresponding notification directly. She can review everything digitally – even from the sofa – and approve it.
  • Afterwards, everything lands automatically and completely in the accounting department.
  • Done.

Give it a try!

If you’re convinced that a software solution suits you better than the traditional travel expense reimbursement template, just give it a try. You can try for free for 14 days, without obligation and with all features. Alternatively, you can also book a demo and let our experts explain everything in detail. Enjoy!

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