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Our vacation request form, available as both a PDF and .docx file, is perfect for all the “old school” folks who still prefer planning and managing vacations with pen and paper. The PDF is ideal for printing. If you want to make individual adjustments, download the Word file to edit it accordingly. Enjoy!

What’s Included in Our Vacation Request Form

Our form includes the most important and common information:

  • Employee Information
  • Request Details
  • Substitute
  • Feedback
  • Approval

Tips for Smooth Vacation Management

Centralized Storage

If you’re using an internal server or a cloud for your document management, we recommend centrally storing the vacation request form so it can be quickly and easily found by anyone who needs it.

Print the Form

Employees should be able to easily print the form. This includes not only finding the form quickly but also ensuring it’s well-formatted for printing. If you use our PDF form, you won’t have any difficulties with this. Also, make sure the printing process is hassle-free. Paper, ink, connection, etc., should not be a concern for employees.

Simple Submission and Quick Approval

For an analog process, always ensure that employees can submit the request easily and receive quick feedback. Prompt certainty and planning security are crucial in vacation planning.

Ditch the Form and Switch to a Digital Solution

If you want to eliminate all the difficulties and hassles of vacation management, forget the vacation request form and get a digital solution.

Why You Should Choose a Digital Solution

No More Searching

With vacation planner software and an app, no one needs to search for forms anymore. This saves time and nerves.

No More Printing

Your employees no longer need to print vacation request forms. This not only avoids the hassle with printing devices but also saves paper, ink, and ideally, the entire printer. This benefits both the environment and the company’s budget.

Location-Independent Vacation Requests

Especially for companies where not all employees are always on-site, a software solution is optimal. Vacation requests can be easily submitted, reviewed, and approved digitally.

Fast Processes

With a digital solution, requests are submitted much faster than with a paper form. The supervisor receives a notification via email, Teams, or Slack and can quickly process the request. With one click, it’s approved, making both supervisors and employees happy.

Avoid Mistakes

Manual entry always carries a high risk of errors. Digital solutions significantly reduce potential mistakes through appropriate functions and notifications.

Optimal Overview

A digital vacation management system simplifies your processes with practical features that a form doesn’t have. For example, supervisors and team members always have a precise overview of who is on vacation via the team calendar.

Practical Additional Functions

Software solutions like offer many practical additional functions:

  • Various absence types: tracks not only vacation but also sick days, business trips, relocations, home office, and more.
  • Digital time tracking: Absence and presence go hand in hand. Therefore, digital time tracking is often included or can be added.
  • Easy integration: To avoid constantly switching between different applications, can be optimally integrated with Microsoft, Google, Slack, and more.

Legal Compliance and Data Protection

In software, all sensitive and personal data is securely stored. Everyone sees only what they are allowed to see. This is not the case with paper forms, keyword: “lying around.” Additionally, the requirement for digital time tracking is already in effect. It’s only a matter of time before digital vacation management becomes mandatory. So, start now!

The digital vacation tracker from on a MacBook, an iPhone and an iPad.

Say Goodbye to the Vacation Request Form

When comparing the classic vacation request form to a digital solution, there can only be one winner. A software solution is:

  • Faster
  • Simpler
  • Safer
  • More flexible
  • More useful
  • More organized

A software solution is even cheaper. Digital vacation management from costs only €2 per user per month. If you compare the cost of paper, printer, ink, extra time, staff, etc., you’ll find that a software solution is more economical than dusty paperwork.

So, say goodbye to the chaos of paper vacation request forms and switch to!

You can test our software for free for 14 days or directly schedule a free consultation with our experts. We answer all your questions and address your company’s specific situation to find the optimal solution for you.

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