The Digital Personnel File Will Make Your Work Easier!

digital personnel file

Are you tired of the endless employee documents you need to keep track of? It could be anything from salary information, travel expenses, doctor’s notes or absences. With our new digital personnel file, all that mess is in the past! Simple uploading and management of all important information in one place.

Where did the document go?

With the digital personnel file you can easily upload and attach all relevant employee documents to their profile. That way it’s easy to keep track and manage vacation days, salary changes or social security. No more stress and hassle trying to organize or find specific information. How convenient!

I need a report on that!

If you ever need specific information e.g. for payroll management, you can easily export the data of multiple employees in a convenient Excel sheet with just a few clicks. It’ll look more professional and save time for the things that really matters.

Never miss a birthday

On our simple dashboard, you have a clear overview of all upcoming birthdays. That way, you’ll know when it’s time for an employee to blow out those candles.

So much to do, and so little time

If you need any information from an employee, you can simply send them the personnel questionnaire and they can add it themselves. You can then decide which information should go in the digital personnel file. Talk about a time saver!

They say change is good

We often hear how we should look ahead, but sometimes it can be good to have the option to track the past. In the digital personnel file you can see all changes that have been made to the information. And on top of that, you can create reports of all those changes!

Do you want to see the digital personnel file for yourself? Simply book a call with one of our experts and get a demo of our product and top features.

You can also try out for free!

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