A More Efficient Staff Annual Leave Planner

staff annual leave planner software

The absence process can consist of many unnecessary steps that can be eliminated to make it more efficient. It also involves a lot of stakeholders that must spend time on tasks that can become automated. But not to worry, the Annual Leave Planner for staff simply remove those bottlenecks, so you can use your time more efficiently!

Staff Annual Leave Planner? A boost for HR!

The long and tedious process when an employee must enter a vacation request in an excel sheet, calculate days, give to manager for check, transfer to HR and so on, should be a lot easier. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the employee just entered their request and the calculations are done automatically, then the manager just need to accept or reject with one click? That’s what we at absence.io thought. HR now just need to track the leave time, rather than entering it all manually. Not only is it a time-saver but getting rid of paper based or boring excel sheets will give your HR department an extra boost.

Reporting shouldn’t be boring

The word reporting usually sets off the boring-as-hell alarm, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Imagine with just a simple click you can download any information into an excel sheet. Once again, eliminating boring and repetitive tasks is what we do! The manager will also be able to make more accurate and planned decisions when they have a clear overview of all absences of the team.

And since they will be notified when an employee applies for PTO or any kind of absence, he or she will never lose track! Being up to date and not having to spend time on absence leave, everyone can manage and use their time more efficiently.

What? She’s on vacation?

Have you ever come to work and suddenly, your project partner is on a 3-week vacation in Thailand? That won’t happen when you have a PTO tracker that transforms the way team members communicate regarding absences. Since all members can see the team calendar, they can plan their absence more efficiently and keep track of their teammates. This is how simple it should be!

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