The Funny Out of Office Message: “Out-spiration” to Help You Craft Your Own

funny dog is out of office

Hopefully, your company possesses a culture that prizes a bit of humor in the day-to-day. The out of office message has proved a boon in showing off employee personality. After all, why not inject a bit of fun?

We’ve scoured the web and found some inspiration, or should we say, “out-spiration”?

If you’re trying to put little pep in people’s inboxes, these clever employees nailed the art of the witty, reply message.

1. Take a cue from favorite TV shows or movies

out of office reply

out of office reply

2. On vacation? Integrate some cool facts about your destination.

3. Be meta about your update

out of office messageout of office message

4. Or, um, try honesty

5. Share a favorite activity…or an unexpected pastime.

out of office message

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