Let Your Creativity Take the Reigns: Setting Up a Complete Employee Onboarding Process

a successful employee onboarding process

Everyone at your company plays a vital run—and it’s doubly important new hires are inducted effectively and swiftly into the ranks. Employee onboarding goes beyond simple training; it’s the best way to make a tip-top welcome to the company and retain your talent. It also enhances employee performance by up to 11 percent, in a study from Corporate Leadership Council.

First things first, employee onboarding doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. There are a few tasks that, no matter the position, needs to be done. Surprisingly, the best predictor of success occurs before the new hire starts their first day. According to the Aberdeen Group, 83 percent of the world’s best-forming companies prioritize the start of the process before Day 1. It goes beyond simple payroll forms and arranging a desk space. Onboarding may take a bit of organizing savvy, but we’ve created a complete list to ensure a smooth transition.

We’ve outlined the tasks needing to be completed before an employee’s first day to follow-up actions after they’ve been a month on the job. Forget the stress on planning.

When planning out your company’s process, it’s essential to look beyond the “nuts-and-bolts” of onboarding. As you’re planning, keep in mind the “softer” side of launching a successful onboarding program.

Allow the creativity to flow

Tailor the employee onboarding process to your company culture. This is a fun way to make a big impression. Whether it’s a little gift left on their desk or a company shirt given by the CEO, ponder on small things that show the company’s personality—and reveals how excited it is to have the new hire!

Memorable Introductions

Show the new person the ropes. Instruct their manager to introduce them to the people they’ll be interacting with every day, from the welcome desk assistant to the office colleagues. This will put names to faces and ease to any first-day jitters. First impressions can be a fun way for colleagues to get to know a new hire. Think of digital introductions as another outlet. One company’s intro policy includes having the new person fill out a short questionnaire that lists fun facts about them, sent as an intro email to colleagues; fellow employees can then reach out and connect with them on their hobbies or what part of the world they’re from.

Give company swag or gift

A welcome gift doesn’t have to be huge or expensive. It’s a nice touch, allowing a bit of personality for a company. Gear with the company logo can demonstrate workplace pride. But reflect ongoing beyond the logo. Encourage department leaders to think about the attitude and feeling of their own individual teams.  Each team can create quirky welcome traditions, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and department initiation.
Being the new kid on the block often creates a certain anxiety. This is understandable, as everyone is looking for the new hire to fit in. Be good to all employees involved by easing in the newcomer with a transition plan. A thoughtful and organized process means the difference between a good start and a grand kickoff!

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