How to motivate your employees

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So you want to motivate your employees to be engaged and highly innovative? Here are some tips on how you can create a workplace environment that encourages engagement and fun, while maintaining a clear eye on the goal at hand.

1. Don’t micromanage

People don’t like to be constantly told what to do. If you’re breathing down their necks about every little task and every little project, down to the way they take their coffee. You’re sure to diminish feelings of efficacy and engagement in the workplace.

2. Give them internal reasons to want to succeed

Make the work personal and something they can attach a sense of ownership and accomplishment to. Nothing is worse than feeling alienated from the work you’re doing, so make sure that you try to make the task at hand something that they can feel proud of. Of course, not every task can feel like their own, but if your employees can see how the little task contribute to the bigger picture, they’ll feel less alienated from their job and readier to innovate when the time is right.

3. Recognize their work

Oftentimes, all we want to hear are words of recognition after a job well done. We all like positive affirmation, it gives us a sense of pride and lets us know that we’re doing a good job.

4. Reward them with benefits and incentives

Everyone has needs and wants. Sometimes by giving your employees a slight raise, it shows that you care for their well-being and understand the amount of effort they put in daily for your team. Giving them a raise bolsters feelings of equity and job satisfaction.

Last but not least…

recharge with meditation

5. Allow them to recharge!

We all have our personal struggles. Sometimes we fall sick or just aren’t feeling 100%. As employers, it’s your job to create an environment where your employees feel that they are welcome to take a day off or two to get back to their 100% so that they can be ready to tackle the work ahead of them.

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