Hustle harder? Burnout faster?

woman with burnout symptoms

Everywhere you look, #hustleculture seems to have won the battle. Like some great marketing ploy, it seems to have convinced young and old workers alike to work harder, work longer – just work, work, work.

But where does working harder and longer actually lead us to?

Burnout. That’s where.

Burnout can be blamed for the lack of motivation in employees, the feelings of stress and exhaustion, and overall reduced quality of life. According to Dr. Susan Biali Haas, burnout is a reaction to prolonged job stress, and typically encompasses three main components.
1. Exhaustion

You feel constantly tired and will most likely not be motivated to face your workday. As the day wears on, you lose the little motivation you can muster up and no matter how much time off you get, you come back worn out and overwhelmed.

2. Cynicism or chronic negativity

What may have been once fun and exciting, is now just frustrating or annoying. Your colleagues are taking a toll on you and you just can’t seem to be positive at work or at home.

3. Reduced feelings of self-efficacy

You no longer have confidence in what you do. You may have major doubts about yourself and can’t get those doubts to go away. They may even affect your personal relationships and lifestyle.

woman meditating to reduce stress

Keep in mind, that your body will speak to you before you even realize you’re burning out. You may be getting sick often or may have a hard time getting out of bed and motivating yourself to start the day.

You may not notice these symptoms right away, and that’s why it’s best to keep these signs in mind and check-in with yourself once in a while.

We at are firm believers in taking some time to recuperate and to find the time to be yourself again.

It’s no shame to want to feel whole. So remember to breathe, relax and to most importantly treat yourself with kindness.

If you’re an employer, you may want to encourage your employees to take personal health days when they need it and not to be sceptical of the real mental impact burnout can have on a person. Encourage your employees to turn off and really disengage from work emails when they’re off work.

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