14 Too True (Mostly Harmless) Thoughts You’ve Had at Work

thoughts you had at work

We get it. Even if you’re employed in the most friendliest, most supportive of corporate cultures…there are…moments.

Moments of self-doubt as you re-work your proposal’s presentation for the fourth time.
Moments of frustration when working with that particular team member.
Moments when you consider calling the police and declaring yourself a hostage of stupidity.

Hey, cheer up Wildcat.
Like Troy Bolton and all teenagers at East High School would enthusiastically serenade, “We’re all in this together”.

colleagues are like clouds

your boss asking for that presentation

some bosses need a high five in the face

achievement is overrated

it has been a long weekavoiding office interaction

my boss is on vacation

5 minutes before the meeting

workplace mathematics

some days i outdo myself

crazy is as crazy does

patience chill breathe

sentence enhancers

no crayons

Really, though. From Disney Channel movies, workplace challenges, to managing planned (and unplanned) team absences, we’ve got your back.

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