If You Run a Company, Elon Musk Wants You to Watch This AI Documentary

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If you’ve been the owner of an Apple product, like an iPhone or iPod (RIP), you may faintly recall the small alert, “Trust this computer”.

When you’re setting up your device for the first time, this alert is quickly brushed aside. Of course you trust this computer—you just bought it! You’re set to play with the camera features, download messaging apps, and integrate your life with this machine. You trust it to carefully intertwine the various threads of your life.

This kind of demanded trust is not relegated to users of Apple products but of every device owner.

It’s a strange phenomenon. In fact, it’s so odd that researchers have dubbed our accepting trust in machines, “automation bias”.

After all, computers perform surgery and analyze legal paperwork…they’re doing a pretty, fine job. So, what’s the big deal?

Documentary “Do You Trust This Computer?”, directed by Chris Paine, reveals what the “deal” really entails for mankind. World-famous entrepreneur Elon Musk demands us to consider another vantage point: with self-learning algorithms becoming increasingly intelligent, “You would have an immortal dictator from which we can never escape”. Computers fly our airplanes, trade stocks on global stock exchanges, and perform industry diagnostics. What else are they capable of doing—without our permission?
You can watch the film here.

Business owners beware. It’s predicted that 75 percent to 80 percent of jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI). It’s expected to reinvent how businesses are formed and managed.

Are you prepared to compete yet mindfully guard your product against the onset of AI? If not, how?

Here are a few suggestions as you think how to integrate AI for business:

1. Read up

Stay on top of innovations in artificial intelligence. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know the technical ins and outs. Zero in to what’s happening in your industry. Also, feel free to know more about what’s happening in the industries close to your own. For example, if you’re in retail, it would be a great idea to learn more about innovations in wearable technology.

2. Plan Regular ‘Why’ Check-Ins

Business is going to become increasingly complex with the dawn of AI. Therefore owners must integrate scheduled discussions questioning the current strategy and product. “Why are we doing X?” As ‘Why’ becomes the plumb line in “business as usual”, employees and owners alike will have the freedom to suggest how to integrate new technologies and formulate new plans of action to keep relevant.

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3. Develop Business Allies

The network effect is not only a good way to secure a resource for your own company; it’s the next step in pooling resources to build a more effective future for business owners. Begin now by connecting with owners or employees that work in your industry. Share information about innovation and technology. At some point in the future, if you posses strong relationships, owners could jointly create a process or tool to bolster themselves in the market. Maybe now is the time to seek a bit of inspiration from Jon Snow?

4. Incorporate AI

It’s no secret that intelligent machines are reshaping the business landscape. Don’t underestimate how AI for business could be your secret weapon. Find out about practical business applications, like assigning an algorithm to figure out which neighborhoods to figure out fundraising for your charity. Now is the time to empower your business with similar technology Google, Facebook, and McKinsey utilize. If governments like Canada and China are prioritizing research into how tax reform, cyber warfare, and heath care is done, consider how it can strengthen your brand.

Am I a robot?

AI may be intimidating to incorporate—but here’s the easiest way to level up how you do business: manage planned (and unplanned) team absences through absence.io. Companies like MyTheresa and Check24 trust us to make business super smooth.
No smart alert needed.

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