The Employee Vacation Tracker Makes It Easy

employee vacation tracker

There are several tangible and non-tangible benefits with an Employee Vacation Tracker, but what we at take pride in is mostly that it’s easy to use and make your work much convenient. Inviting your colleagues is quick and entering any kind of absences in the calendar and it’s done! Doesn’t get easier than that!

Away with complicated processes

An uncomplicated process was one of our main goals when we created the absence management software. In fact, it’s so easy to use that any company whether small, privately owned, or even single departments within multinational corporations, can use it.

With a streamlined tracking and reporting system, there’s no need for large, outdated or annoying absence management spreadsheets. Say goodbye to boring and complicated administrative processes, the employee vacation tracker will do that for you.

No need to be a tech-genius

Whether your employees are software developers, marketing managers, or a janitor, they will all be able to use the absence management software due to its simplicity. They simply click on the dates they want to create an absence for and the assigned manager will receive a notification. The manager either accepts or rejects the request, and ta-da the process is done.

Communication without effort

Due to the convenient email notifications mentioned earlier, communication will not only become easier but also more efficient. The automated absence request process removes unnecessary steps that usually made communication difficult.

And it’s not just between the employees and managers, also between employees themselves. Since they can easily see their teammates leave time in the PTO tracker, they can focus their attention on more important tasks.

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