It’s Time for a More Simple HR Process

more simple hr process

Have you ever wondered how much time it takes to handle a single employee’s absences? Well, it’s probably too much. It’s often said that the people are an organization’s most important asset, so their personal information should be handled with ease and security. Find out why an absence software could help your company to become more efficient! It’s time for a more simple HR process.

Your time is valuable – don’t waste it!

Have you ever experienced an absence management process where the employee must first find an Excel sheet, check how many days are left, enter dates, deduct working days, and then print, sign and send it to a manager? And that’s not all! The document still needs to be checked, adjusted, approved, signed, etc. by the manager and HR. With an intuitive software, managers simply reject or accept an absence, and both the employee and the manager will be notified. That’s how easy it should be!

Losing documents is a thing of the past

For each individual employee there are numerous important documents that needs to be stored together, usually in a file in a secure drawer in the HR office. It can be annoying to make sure they are all there, and if they are lost, a small hell can break lose. Storing everything digitally in one place, on the other hand, will never come with these complications.

Transparency to the people!

Have you ever been dependent on an employee for an important assignment or project? You count on them to be there and then, suddenly, they’re on a 3-week vacation! That shouldn’t happen. So, if employees can see when their colleagues are absent, they can plan their work more easily and projects won’t fall apart or be delayed.

Could you give me a report on that?

Imaging having to generate a report for, let’s say, payroll management with some specific information. Wouldn’t it be easier to do with a software that can export the data in an excel sheet rather than do it manually? Yes. Again – a massive timesaver and no need to pull out your hair.

In conclusion, getting rid of tedious Excel sheets and documents in your HR process, and having everything in one place, will save you time and make everyone’s work-life easier.

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