How to Easily Manage Staff Absences over the Holidays

manage staff absences over the holidays

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… home. Christmas is one of the busiest times for absence leave requests, and it can be a puzzle for HR and responsible managers to get an apprehensive overview of the schedule. After all, they don’t want the business to come to a potential hault. To avoid a lot of stress and hair-pulling, there are a few ways to easily manage and plan the festive absence requests.

Communication is key

A simple notification from the responsible managers can contribute massively to successful staff management during the holidays. Remind your staff to request their absence in time and it will make it easier to see who is available for work. It makes things easier for the employees as well, since they’ll know enough in advance if they can hit those slopes or not.

It’s not just about the presents

During winter time it’s not just the holidays that causes a spike in employee absence requests. The constant sneezing and coughing in the workplace is destined to spread that lovely flu amongst the employees. Therefore, it can be extra helpful to have a tool that can help you manage all absences.

Don’t waste too much time

Employee absence requests can mean an endless amount of paperwork or tedious excel sheets. The requested days need to be subtracted from remaining vacation days, double-checked, and sent to HR. Investing in an absence management software could help you save valuable time. The employee simply submits the request via the software, and the responsible manager gets a notification and approves or rejects it. Done!

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