People Confess What Their Best Job Ever Was – No Mention of a Corner Office

best job ever

What’s really the best job ever?

Does it involve a company car, the corner office, your own assistant, or your own hefty bank account?

A few users on Reddit named what their favorite jobs have been.

From pizza delivery guy to a bouncer, there’s little mention of a Benz or a Central Park View.

According to professional development program manager at EDUCLAUSE, Joan F. Cheverie, autonomy is the primary ingredient to a satisfied employee. In her interview with Inc., Cheverie highlights that autonomy brings employees happiness because they

“perceive that they have choices, that what they are doing is of their own volition, and that they are the source of their own actions”.

Besides lower turn over and higher engagement at work, autonomous employees means higher employee morale. Below,  From interacting with people, getting in shape, or hanging by the water, the a few people what made their best job ever, their favorite.

AKA Introvert Heaven

best jobs ever

Music + well-behaved people is a win

Music and well behaved people is a win

Paid to scare

Paid to scare

Sun and booze, not too shabby

Sun and booze not too shabby

Mailrooms are a riot

best job

Pizza is (work) bliss

Pizza is work bliss

Bowlers do seem like legit nice people

Bowlers do seem like legit nice people

Creativity in the workplace

Creativity in the workplace

Pizza guys delivers happiness

Pizza guys delivers happiness

“Sunshine on my shoulders”

Sunshine on my shoulders

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