Slow Tech Kills Your Company (and Any Hope of Employee Satisfaction)

slow tech kills your company

Employers spend thousands on employee salaries yet fail to invest in equipment that puts employee hours to productive use.

t’s the equivalent of buying a yacht and leaving it suspended inches above the ocean.

Have you experienced some part of the company tech not working properly? Perhaps the WordPress site was unavailable to log into, or a file couldn’t be opened, or the printer was jammed. Tech stalls at work can range from 30 minutes to a whole work day. Needless to say, slow tech kills productivity—and any motivation to be efficient.

Even technology that is technically working in complete order may need improvement. For example, it’s not uncommon for employees to work remotely. Companies often possess a remote desktop that connects to an offsite server, allowing them to work from wherever they choose. Though working, this technology may take a long time to load. A study by Sharp Business, the average employee in the UK wastes 40 minutes a day due to tech delay. Another study revealed that 62 percent of workers procrastinate making a decision or completing tasks because the technology they use is not easily accessible. Makes sense.

After all, who wants to add more stress at work? Um, no one.

Employee productivity suffers from old hardware or much-needed software upgrades. In a twist of irony, one could argue the premise of tech is its usefulness in increasing speed and efficiency. It brought about the incredible productivity surge in the late 1990s. Yet, since companies refuse to prioritize tech upgrades, performance suffers.

This is not exactly the Yellow Brick Road to employee satisfaction.

It’s evident: slow technology leads to employee frustration.
Corporates have invested billions of dollars into systems that remain inefficient and that employees outright loathe. Most enterprise software is dated and creates dangerous silos within a company. It’s no wonder employees advocate for easier means of communication and task management.

Cue delivers the future of work, today. Sharp Business cited that 42 percent of employees would actually feel more motivated if they possessed fully-capable technology. We help both employees and managers schedule and track team absences. Forget suffering through clunky software. Our interface is intuitive and simple. Instead of employees ignoring it, our absence management program invites employees to confidently participate.

Can we say, “Anchors away”?

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