Running Your Business Under the New EU Data Privacy Laws: Pick Compliant Partners

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents the European Union throwing its weight around on the international stage: it’s transforming the world’s privacy laws. The new rules guides how foreign governments and companies collect, store, and utilize the data from EU citizens. What power does a coalition of 28 countries possess to stand up to foreign giants like China, the US, Google, or Amazon? The EU has over 500 million citizens. The EU bloc boasts citizens that are eager to buy quality goods and services. Ignoring the commercial powerhouse of the EU is hardly an option for companies. Under the new privacy laws, if any company fails to meet the new regulations, they face an eye-popping fine of €20 million or 4 percent of its global revenue.
Cue the perspiration.

The EU is serious about its position on data privacy. As are we, at

Even before the GDPR, we kept our customer’s information private, not selling it to third-parties.

With the GDPR, we are able to offer even a more high-calibre data protection service. The new laws supports our guiding principle: our customers are in control of their data. Customers have the choice to pull their information from at any time. We aim to deliver a service of excellence; even if a customer wishes to send their data to a competitor, will, without hesitation, fulfill that request.

We’re here to serve, to support you in running your business smarter.

We hold our partners to the same standard. Information technology providers, like hosting centers, are only entrusted with the customer data that they need to perform their tasks. As is an EU company and we are their customers, they are also held under the same EU rules and regulations. This gives our customers “legal peace of mind”.

The European Union sets a new global standard on giving control back to consumers.

Here at, we keep user information private and data privately managed. In other words, we’re committed to maintaining our standards of excellence, no matter what law is passed.
Easily manage team absences whilst keeping confidential employee information secure with

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