These are the 5 Digital Products to Launch for Your Small Business

digital products for small businesses

Launching digital products remains at the top of the list for companies and their teams. If you’re looking to educate and support your audience—whether it’s employees or potential customers—you can generate confidence and value with only a few items. Really.

If you’re spearheading a product challenge, you’ll need a list of potential digital products to distribute. Get to brainstorming about your audience. Remember, good products are only valuable if they address an actual audience need. Nail down the exact question you expect to answer, or the problem you aim to solve.

Are you in charge of cultural integration as an HR manager? What are the common barriers that newly-arrived employees face? Does it depend on what countries they’re arriving from? Would a video demonstrate expectations better than a PDF? Or are you a small business owner that simply wants to generate more traffic to your blog. How do people find your company now? What other channels would your target market utilize?

Prepare yourself by listing your success metrics, then pick the best solution from the list of digital products below.

1. Video series

Amp up your social media presence with video. Yes, you can go ahead and make a few, short Youtube videos of your product. But think of even smaller snippets of product show. Get familiar with Instagram (if you’re not already) and begin using Insta stories to your advantage. Why Instagram? Your page’s photo should further entrance your audience; the photos act as an introductory the company. Insta stories delivers new value as often you’d like. You also can interact with your audience via its live streaming.

2. Audio series

Nearly every person is on the go today. Fortunately information can be delivered whilst a person is commuting, working out at the gym, or grocery shopping. Popularity in audio streams like podcasts and audio books have jumped dramatically. Over 25% of the US population listens to podcasts on a monthly basis. If you’re the HR manager overseeing international researchers, an internal podcast could feature work of a researcher for 5 minutes. You may be making some key networking connections.

3. Checklists

Who doesn’t love a clear and concise list? Lists manifest their worth when you need to streamline multiple processes, like creating an employee file.  (Psst, we saved you a bit of work—you can download our pre-made employee file checklist). Unless you’re part of the chosen few that enjoy planning, most audiences appreciate a structured action plan.

4. Tutorials

A demonstration of how to successfully accomplish a task is invaluable. It saves time and energy—two things your audience will remember when they have another need arise. They’ll be back for more. This can a GIF illustration of how to do origami, how to make a request to the company IT department, or create a bullet notebook.

5. Toolkit

Some may argue “less is more”, but toolkits deliver a strong counter argument for “more is more”. Gather the other digital products you’ve created—the PDFs, the checklists, the audio files—and create a handy toolkit. With a variety of learning tools, you thoughtfully cater to the diversity within an audience.

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