Understand the Employee Subconscious: Smart Hiring Using the Enneagram Test

smart hiring using the enneagram test

How can a personality test be useful when hiring? Finding the right person for the job is the number one hiring priority. A bad hire costs companies productivity, time, and budget. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a bad hire is 30 percent of their salary. For example, a junior developer’s salary may be $60,000, but if it’s a poor fit, the company will pay $78,000. An organization pays for lost productivity, on boarding expenses, and recruiting costs.


A personality test may seem trite, but it could save significant money. A better understanding of a candidate’s personality could go a long way. When employees are better understood, they are better utilized. But how do optimize your understanding of candidates and colleagues? In the words of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “know thy thyself” is the essential start point—and a personality test is the tool.

For human resources managers, they may be already acquainted with the Myers-Briggs test, which focuses on cognitive functions (how a person processes information). What could be of greater support in understanding the holistic view of a person’s personality—-beyond how they think—is recognizing what their fundamental motivations, fears, and strengths might be.

The Enneagram may be the next best thing in a manager’s toolkit.

The Enneagram is a psychological classification tool that frames varying personalities into 9 different types. Developed in the late 1990s by psychology researchers, the tool offers a more concise view into what drives different types at a subconscious level and what are the typical strategies they do to satiate their needs. For example, a Type 3 personality, known as the Achiever, is motivated to impress or be admired by others. This could be a valuable tool in recognizing their efforts within the workplace, admiring their strides.

Hiring Enneagram: Take the quiz below to learn which Type you are.

Then head, over to the Art of Well-Being. We found it provided a great overview of the Enneagram system, how it works and mono information on the 9 personality types.

If you’re interested in learning more or how it can serve your hiring needs, take the official test. The test costs $12 and takes around 40 minutes to complete. When you’re done, results will be instantly emailed to you.

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